100 box Wild Wasp Rheumatism Pain Relief & Gout Tawon Liar Herbs Original

100 box Wild Wasp Rheumatism Pain Relief & Gout Tawon Liar Herbs Original

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This Tawon Liar is made by extracting from selected spices that are sterile and hygienic and using traditional Indonesian technology.
The process of making wild wasp is also carried out by herbalists who have been trained for decades

And from the ingredients of these spices, we extract so as to produce the components of Tawon Liar in the form of capsules that are ready to be consumed and marketed.

This Tawon Liar herb comes from Java which was developed from generation to generation,
packaging with a dark yellow wrapper is the authenticity of our wild wasp products and guaranteed

Tawon Liar are traditional herbal medicine capsules made from leaves of natural medicinal plants. One of the main ingredients is a honey extract obtained from wild wasp nests that are very rare and found in the forest.
The material has high efficacy to treat various diseases. If you have health problems such as cholesterol, lack of stamina, fatigue and stiffness, then wild herbal bees can help you cure the disease.
This herb is in the form of capsules and basic ingredients of wild honey wasp extract which is very good for health and stamina. Besides that, it also contains royal jelly and ginseng which is very good for health.

Benefits :
Improve the immune system
Restoring stamina after working all-day
Increase stamina and energy for hard workers
Cure gout in young and old people
Remove and cure rheumatism, lumbago, achy rheumatic pain and gout

Composition :
15% Royal Jelly
Panax Gingseng 15%
Curcumae Rhizoma 10%
Zingiberiz Rhizoma 15%
Medicinal Chemicals 20%
Zingiberiz Aromatica 15%

How to consume :
To help treat the disease, drink 2 times a day, 2 capsules
To help prevent disease, drink 2 times a day, 1 capsule
To help maintain health, drink 1 time in 3 days, 1 capsule

The packaging Tawon Liar

* 1 Box contains 20 sachets @ 2 capsules

1. The color in the photo is 100% exactly the same as the real thing because our products Wild wasps are original and guaranteed.
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